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Start investing in Bitcoin with as little as €10

Download the app and start investing in Bitcoin

I have questions about Bitcoin

Should I invest in BTC?

BTC works much like any other financial asset and is subject to speculation of rising and falling in the marketplace.

Do I have to buy one entire BTC?

You can purchase BTC incrementally! You can buy and sell a percentage of a BTC with €10 or more. This percentage fluctuates in the same way that an entire BTC would. 

Is my BTC investment safe?

Choosing a secure BTC wallet it the major factor in ensuring your BTC investment is safe.  With Change, your security is treated above all else.

Can I spend BTC with GetChange Visa Debit card?

GetChange Visa Debit card is a new card that you can use to convert and spend BTC. You need to convert BTC to Euro and spend Euro through GetChange Visa Debit card worldwide for offline and online payments.

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Start investing in Bitcoin with as little as €10

Download the app and start investing in Bitcoin