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The general concept of the Change Referral Program (Referral Program) is to reward Customers, who have invited their friends and family to join Change community and to start using the Change App. The terms of the Referral Program (Referral Terms) set the requirements that must be met in order for the Customer and the Invitee to take part in the Change Referral Program and to receive the Reward as described in these Referral Terms.

For the purposes of these Referral Terms, the following terms are used:

1. Definitions

1.1. Customer - the User, who has been Onboarded;
1.2. Invitee - any third party natural person with active legal capacity, who is not a Customer of Change, who has been invited by a Customer to Onboard to Change;
1.3. Personalised Link - a Customer’s personalised link provided by Change to invite others to Onboard to Change, which must not be disclosed on any site, managed by Change, e.g. social media, forums, blogs, Telegram etc.;
1.4. Onboard(ing) - concluding the User Agreement with Change, including downloading the Change app, signing up and providing all of the necessary information and documentation to start using the Change App and transferring at least 100 euros to the Account from an account opened in the name of that same person in a payment or credit institution, registered or having its place of business in a contracting state of the European Economic Area;
1.5. Reward - Both the Customer and the Invitee will receive the equivalent of 10 euros (at the moment of the allocation) in Bitcoin in accordance with these Referral Terms.

2. Inviting a friend

2.1. In order to receive the Reward a Customer must share his/her Personalised Link with an Invitee, which the Invitee must use during Onboarding.
2.2. In order to be entitled for a Reward the Customer and the Invitee, using the Personalised Link, must both be residents or citizens of a contracting state in the European Economic Area.
2.3. During Onboarding, the Invitee must make the first deposit within 30 days in order for the Customer to receive the Reward.

3. Reward for inviting a friend

3.1. Any Customer, who shares a Personalised link with an Invitee and who in turn uses that same Personalised Link to Onboard, and the Invitee are entitled for a Reward, which will be allocated after the Invitee has been Onboarded in accordance with these Referral Terms.
3.2. The Reward is allocated to the Customer and the Invitee automatically shortly after all of the conditions in these Referral Terms are met.
3.3. If the Customer has not yet been Onboarded, the Reward shall be allocated to the Customer after the Customer and Invitee have both been Onboarded.
3.4. If either the Customer or the Invitee does not receive the Reward automatically in accordance with clause 3.2, the Customer or the Invitee should contact Change’s customer support.

3.5. Each Customer is entitled to receive a total of 10 Rewards. If more than 10 Invitees have used the Customer’s Personalised Link, the Customer will not receive any additional Rewards.

3.6. Change reserves the right to decline to allocate the Customer and/or the Invitee a Reward, if Change unilaterally suspects that the Customer or the Invitee have breached any of the terms stipulated in these Referral Terms or have acted in bad faith in connection to these Referral Terms.

4. Miscellaneous

4.1. Both the Customer and the Invitee must at all times obey all national and international laws.
4.2. Both the Customer and the Invitee must at all times act in good faith and must not perform any act that damages or might damage Change’s brand, goodwill or reputation or results in direct or indirect damages or losses to Change.
4.3. Change reserves the right to amend the Referral Terms or to terminate the Referral Program without prior notification.
4.4. Change shall not be liable for any losses or direct or indirect damages incurred to the Customer, Invitee or to any third party in connection to the Referral Program or these Referral Terms.
4.5. Terms and conditions of Change shall apply in all other respects that have not been regulated with these Referral Terms.
4.6. These Referral Terms are governed by the laws of Estonia and any and all disputes shall be cooperatively resolved in the manner of negotiations or in the Harju County court.

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