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Change is the first mobile app that gives you full control over your finances. Launching in December.

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Multi-tiered experience, designed for you


Change's crypto wallet is already being tested by beta testers. The most simple of sign-ups with minimal information required to store & send cryptocurrencies. The cornerstone of everything else yet to come.

Status: In Beta

Change Card

Change's very own cryptocurrency spending card brings cryptocurrencies to offline use. First 500 cards are given to first 500 token sale contributors of at least 50 ETH.

In addition you will be earning rewards by paying with Change Tokens.

Status: In Development, Launch 2017 Q4


When it comes to traditional financial institutions and their key product offering, the big players are "Jacks of all trades, master of none". Financial companies specialising on a single service offering, outperform banks but require separate onboarding.

The comfort of getting all your financial services from a single source, has favoured traditional banks to win over specialised companies in the past. Change marketplace aggregates the best ways to invest, insure or lend and lets you use these services from a single interface & wallet.

Status: In Development, Launch 2018 Q1


Think of Change like an "AppStore" for specialised financial service companies that outperform your bank, while removing the need to sign up or deposit funds to these services individually.

Invest in a diversified stock portfolio or real estate, finance loans, sign travel insurance - all from one seamless interface with complete transparency and zero delay.

Vision explained by the team

Traditional banks have out-lived their time - sub-par consumer experience, not enough transparency, inability to cater to millennials' lifestyle.

Change aims to re-invent the way people manage their finances. More efficiency, more productivity and most of all transparency - means better results.

In 2018, Change has set to launch the first global financial technology marketplace on blockchain.


Estonian E-residency

Change has partnered with the e-Residency project by the government of Estonia, the most advanced digital society in the world. Change will be available to its projected 10 million e-Residents including Tim Draper and Edward Lucas.

E-Estonia E-residency

Support from the industry

Change is widely supported in the industry. Our mission to create a global FinTech network that defies the norms of traditional banking has inspired several big names to support us.

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